Unbelievable Futuristic Yacht Design

These creative designs show us that a yacht doesn’t always have to be dull: they can also be inspirationally beautiful. We can speak a lot about their beauty and unique designs, but it’s better to see them right now!

Strand Craft 122(concept). This super yacht comes with supercar and in-boat garage to hold it. The luxury Strand Craft 122 has four double state rooms, a reception area, and salon with 52″ LED TVs. Yacht will be a fast little piece of boating awesomeness, with its twin Rolls-Royce engines producing an impressive 14,000 horsepower and it can reach top speeds of about 43 knots.

Oculus(concept). This 250-foot vessel was designed by E. Kevin Schöpfer, founder and owner of his namesake company. Oculus is a long distance cruising yacht capable of speeds upwards of 25 knots..The exterior design of the Oculus is characterized by smooth curves and a sleek profile. And the opulent interior features a 12 foot high ceiling in the main salon, a double height cylindrical dining room, central staircase and elevator. The Oculus is just a concept, but it’s the flagship design for Schöpfer’s new yacht line.

118 WallyPower. 118 WallyPower is a luxury high performance superyacht which brings technology and fashionable design together in perfect harmony. So much so that the 118 WallyPower won the MYDA (Millennium Yacht Design Award). It is 118 feet long and is capable of reaching speeds as fast as 60 knots. The deck superstructure has an aero-dynamic, stealth-bomber design with a vertical bow and air inlets encasing an innovative interior layout based on zen-like simplicity to mask a surprising amount of comfort.

Infinitas(concept). Another beauty from Schöpfer Yachts. The design of the Infinitas was inspired by the symbol for infinity which has been abstractly expressed within the yacht’s elevation. At the heart of this masterpiece of nautical engineering and minimalist design is a swimming pool with a clear walkway through the middle, allowing travelers to ‘walk on water.’ There is a helipad on the bow deck and the yacht can house 12 guests and crew.

Code X Yacht. This extremely cool yacht was designed by Code X AG, a swiss company based in Meggan on Lake Lucerne. The yacht is powered by two Ilmor Marine 710 horsepower V10 Formula 1 engines, along with a bank of solar cells that store power in on-board lithium ion batteries. In addition, this awesome yacht is packed with the latest in LED touchscreen control panels that delivers complete automated control over such things like the GPS-controlled ‘virtual anchor’ system that utilises the electric motors to maintain a stationary position regardless of wind or currents.

Eden(concept). The Eden is a luxury motoryacht concept by Daniel Hahn, a German design professional who studied product design. The 21-meter speed yacht features a unique blend of materials, with the lower hull section developed from lightweight carbon fiber and the main body sculpted from wood, finished with the smooth glass windshield.

Adastra. This unique superyacht Adastra was designed by John Shuttleworth Yacht Design, Ltd. and is being built by McConaghy Boats in Zhu Hai, China. The luxury boat boasts of a new outrigger shape to give it greater stability as it powers across choppy waters. The boat will be powered by a single 1000 HP inboard diesel giving a top speed of 24 knots. Range will be 3000+ miles for long distance ocean voyaging, and around the world capability. On board is a master cabin and two guest cabins. You can easily accommodate nine guests and six crew members.

The Orcageno(concept). Egypt-based design studio Pharos Marine has unveiled plans for a new low-emission concept yacht, dubbed the Orcageno, that is powered by a hydrogen diesel-electric system for low emissions.  The interior features are just as stunning, with a spa and health centre positioned within the curved glass superstructure. A sun deck with Jacuzzi is surrounded by a leather-covered lounging area. The dining room is positioned forward with a fabulous view of the dual-level swimming pool and its hydraulically-operated glass sunroof.

Lamborghini power-yacht(concept). Italian designer mauro lecchi created this conceptual luxury yacht using design cues and styling from the sports car maker lamborghini. The interior layout includes a full beam owner room with bath and separate shower, guest bedroom with bathroom in the bow. With giant twin engines and body made of wood and Kevlar, the Lambo boat “combines high performance and low power consumption,” according to its makers.

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U-010 Undersea Yacht(concept). Designed by Vida Marina and Sebastiano Colombo. It is the ultimate vessel to explore the depths of the ocean in style. With an overall length of 220 feet (67 meters), the U-010 unit can travel on the surface as well as underwater by simply passing from diesel to electric propulsion. Think of this as the modern day Nautilus from Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”.